Soundproof Curtains | Do they really work & is it worth investing?

Hey, are you looking for the best soundproof curtains for your home? Do you suffer from outdoor noise around your home? Then don’t worry about it, here I have shared the best soundproof curtains for the door and window for your house.

Because the best solution for a soundproof home is soundproof curtains for windows and doors. Because curtains are cheap, they are easy to hang.

But the question is, do soundproof curtains really work?

In my experience, soundproof curtains are actually very effective for sound deadlock applications. But soundproofing curtains are almost completely useless as sound inhibitors. This means that soundproof curtains are best for reducing the resonance in the room but they will not reduce the decibel level of sound that is entering the room.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it’s not helpful. Curtains are a great way to reduce the sound in your room and prevent it from reproducing.  In addition, it enhances the beauty of the bedroom interior design.

Advantages and disadvantages of soundproof curtains:


  • The major benefits of soundproofing curtains are outside noise. The traffic of neighbors, noise, or children playing in the yard will also be reduced.
  • In offices, outside the conference room, all the noise will remain in the hallway so that you can really get into business.
  • On the other hand, if you have teenagers who enjoy their music loudly, it can be heard from a block away, you can put remote control soundproof curtains in their room.
  • Tell them that if they listen to their music loudly, they should close the curtains so that the rest of the neighborhood and household members do not have to enjoy their music.
  • No problem, you may need soundproof curtains, they are a welcome addition to a home or office and with a remote control system, and you can always open curtains when they are not needed.


  • Soundproof curtain disadvantages are probably design issues. As you try to include them in the rooms of your house. And another disadvantage can be light-blocking but it depends on the room and its requirement.

How to choose the best soundproof curtains?

If you are searching for the best soundproof curtains, be sure to keep the features below in mind. There are a lot of soundproof curtains available in the market. Therefore it will be important to choose the right facilities for your home.

1. Size

Before chasing soundproof curtains, make sure that the curtains you are buying are available in the appropriate size for your requirement. Measure the width and length of your window or door. Make sure the curtains are long and wide to cover them.

2. Curtain Rod

While hanging curtains in your home, you need to know that these curtains require special types of rods. These rods need to be made thicker and stronger so that they can hold the weight of the curtain. Furthermore, consider that it contributes to the soundproofing effect.

If the weight of the curtain is high then you can use double rods. The double rod gives an opportunity to double the layer of curtain. In addition, it increases the effectiveness of curtain installation.

3. Weight

The weight of the curtain worked with the width, length, and overall size of the curtain. Naturally, heavier curtains are more effective at absorbing sounds and keeping their location quiet. Heavy curtains not only capture more sound, but it also reduces the illumination in the room.

4. Layer

One thing you have to remember when coming to the layers is that thick curtains will get wet and absorb more sound than thin curtains. So you can use doubling or tripling of curtain layers to remove more noise.

5. Material

The type of curtain material you are buying will vary. The best soundproofing materials for curtains are polyester, velvet, suede etc. In addition, thermal weaving, thermal insulating, and thermal layers are good for sound absorption and covering all air gaps.

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