Top 12 Modern Bathroom Interior Design Ideas And Tips

Bathroom interior design is important because a house will not function without a bathroom. The bathroom should be about mental and physical relaxation. Keeping a tidy bathroom brings benefits to the entire body.

The bathroom is the place where undoubtedly a homeowner and guests will spend a considerable amount of time. 

It is important to always maintain the cleanness of a bathroom of the inherent health risks with having a dirty restroom.

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the home, but bathroom interior design can still be stylish and comfortable.

So to make the bathroom stylish and comfortable we have gathered some basic information and some bathroom design ideas that you should keep in mind while designing your bathroom.

Best 12 Tips For Modern Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

1. Flooring 

2. Wall tiles

3. Shower

4. Lighting

5. Basin 

6. Bathtub

7. Storage

8. Mirror

9. Ventilation & Heating

10. Toilet

11. Bathroom paint

12. Add little luxury

1. Flooring 

Bathroom floors require hard work. Therefore make sure that the bathroom floor material should be moisture-resistant and durable.

But it should also be attractive, slip-resistant, and easy to care for. The most luxurious bathroom design tiles in India are stone tiles and ceramic tiles.


2. Wall tiles

Bathroom wall tile protects the wall from water and also helps to clean the bathroom easily. 

So make sure it should also be moisture resistant and durable. In India ceramic and porcelain tiles are the best tiles for the bathroom wall.


3. Shower

Showers are important fixtures for modern bathrooms design as they provide the freshness and warmth to our soul along with giving us a soothing effect while bathing. 

In today’s market, a variety of shows are available such as electric showers, mixer showers, power showers, digital showers, etc.

You can choose the bathroom shower according to the size of your bathroom and your estimated budget.


4. Lighting

Lighting is something you need to think about quite early on when designing a bathroom for the home.

Good lighting improves the design and the function of the bathroom interior design. The best option for lighting for the bathroom interior design is lights that are white or off-white in color. 

For a small space, it is recommended to keep the counter-top of the light fixtures clean and simply have a small lamp.

If the bathroom is large, ceiling lights that are small and can be added to the ceiling in addition to light fixtures in any color that are colored to bring ambiance to the bathroom.

 For natural light, a skylight can be used.


5. Basin 

Whether you need a basin for a new bathroom or just want to replace what you already have, you will need to ensure you measure the space accurately.

Before choosing a new sink, it’s important to think about how your sink will be used. If your sink is for a cloakroom, it will probably only be used for washing your hands, which means you can choose a small basin with a shallower depth.

If there’s limited storage space within your bathroom, then you can opt for a vanity unit with sink, so you can store whatever you need underneath your basin.

If you have plenty of space to play with, you can take your pick from a wider range of sizes and designs. Basins that are bigger and deeper will allow you to hand wash clothing, or wash your hair.


6. Bathtub

Bathtubs can offer numerous benefits for you. Bathtubs have dual functions. You can use them to take a bath but they can also provide many health benefits.

By soaking in a warm bath, you can effectively solve muscle pain problems and muscle soreness.

That is why you have to make sure that a bathtub can be installed in your bathroom.


7. Storage

When it comes to bathroom storage, you have to do a bit of a balancing act between what you need functionally and what you want as far as the style of the room.

For bathroom storage, there is always at least a sink in each bathroom so you want a room to store a few towels. Guests should never need to search around for extra towels when within the bathroom. 

Whether they want to possess a shower or shower or simply wash their hands and face, there should be ample towel space for storing. 

Use a couple of towel racks attached to the wall, use a facecloth hanger on the wall, then store a couple of extras within the bathroom vanity.

A common error with small bathroom owners is that they tend to be focused on their walls that they forget that they have a door.

This door is more useful than acting as an entrance and exit. You’ll install some towels and garments hangers at your door to conserve space.

This will also offer you more wall space for your small bathroom design.

8. Mirror                                          

Mirrors are excellent for small space bathroom design. It reflects the space and makes a small bathroom seem nearly double the size. 


9. Ventilation 

Ventilation is one of the most important drivers of health and hygiene factors of your bathroom interior design.

Using good quality bathroom ventilation fans ensures that you get a bathroom that is free from moisture and stinky smells.

So to make your bathroom free from moisture and stinky smell you can use externally vented exhaust fans for ventilation. 

But the most common and natural way to ventilate your bathroom is by opening a window and letting air circulate.


10. Toilet

You need to require into consideration various things while choosing the simplest bathroom lavatory. For example space, furniture, bathroom utilities, accessories, electrical installations, air ventilation, and maintenance.

There are more things, but these are just to offer you a general idea.

But the most important thing you have to consider for bathroom interior design is space. If your bathroom is small in a space, choose a wall-mounted toilet.

Wall-mounted toilets, cabinets, and washbasins look sleek, modern, and open up the floor space. This allows you to add extra storage or have a more open bathroom.

But before installing the bathroom toilet seat first make the bathroom design layout.

This means where and in which direction you want to install the toilet seat. In India, according to Vastu, the best direction for a toilet seat is towards the south-east or north-west.

This should be in such a way that a person using it is not facing either the east or the west. As it supports the elimination of waste and toxins from one’s body.


11. Bathroom paint

When you are designing a bathroom, the paint will be an important factor, but there is much more to consider.

The paint of the bathroom interior design should not be dark. Bathroom interior design paint needs to be able to withstand moisture and might need to be wipe-able, too. 


12. Add little luxury

You can create a more intimate atmosphere in your bathroom interior design by adding bright colors and patterns, indoor plants, scented candles in soap canisters, luxurious bath mats, and towels. These finishing touches can add even more personality to your bathroom interior design.


I hope these tips & ideas help you to improve the bathroom interior design.

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